Metaphor Inc.    

Founder of Metaphor, Nick has been in the advertising industry for over
30 years, with 90% of his career focusing on the pharmaceutical segment.

A career breakthrough was the position of creative director at the agency handling print for Federal Express at the height of the company’s “When
it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight” campaign. For 3 years,
he ran their print advertising campaigns and segued into pharmaceutical marketing and advertising at Daniel Glassman Advertising (DGA), working side by side with Sander Flaum, who eventually moved to Chairman and
CEO of Robert A. Becker. Major accounts at DGA included Roche, Winthrop, and Lederle International.

Among Metaphor’s first clients were Sandoz, Ortho/McNeil, Janssen,
J&J, and Parke-Davis. Other accomplishments at Metaphor, aside from
the agency’s growth and expansion, include involvement in the start-up operations for Reliant Pharmaceuticals, including all corporate communications, the relaunch of DynaCirc CR, the relaunch of AXID,
the launch of Innopran XL, and the launch of a new indication for
LESCOL XL. Metaphor was agency of record for most Reliant brands
from the company’s inception.


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